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About Deola Paul-Inyang

Deola Paul-Inyang is a trained Nigerian Perfumer & Scent Architect. She is the CEO of Scents of Africa and Director of Àbélà Fragrance Academy; a Fragrance Academy pioneering the conscious & systemic skill creation of creative perfumers in Nigeria.

Like a music composer stringing the chords to a majestic symphony, Deola not only understands the technicalities of scent creation but the art of composing them.

Deola is the Brand Creator & Scent Architect behind the brand Àbélà by Scents of Africa®; an African-grown Niche Perfumery, Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy brand handcrafted in Lagos with patronage across Nigeria, francophone West Africa & the United States.

At Scents of Africa, Deola Paul-Inyang interprets her world through scents, telling stories of her African perspective; expressing the emotions behind art & human stories.

Deola is a seasoned brand, marketing strategist & research analyst turned Scent Strategist & Perfumer. With over a decade  professional expertise in brand strategy development, integrated marketing communication, business strategy implementation and her venture into Perfumery & Aromatherapy, she’s translated this skill into the creation of the Àbélà by Scents of Africa® brand; gearing the brand to be one of the foremost Luxury Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy brands out of Nigeria.