About Us

Welcome to Fragrance Academy!

ÀbélàTM Fragrance Academy is the in-house training academy of Scents of Africa® (aka ÀbélàTM World)

Scents of Africa® set in motion a skills acquisition academy for prospective Chandlers and Perfumers in Nigeria to get trained in the art of Perfumery, Aromatherapy and Candle Making. The skills acquisition programme focuses primarily on capacity building for people with a strong passion and interest in the art.

Our philosophy in business encourages the development and sustainability of agro-industry in Nigeria. In our bid to leverage on the rich resources available in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

​ÀbélàTM Fragrance Academy is actively involved and supports capacity building in our industry value chain, we support commercialisation in our communities and drive to encourage a Cottage Business Initiative in Nigeria.

ÀbélàTM Fragrance Academy offers intensive courses on the skill, business, marketing, technology and art of aromatherapy, perfumery and candle making in Nigeria. We hold nothing back, if we know it, you know it too.

Understanding not just "How", but the "Why" of the Art of Scents.

Our courses are designed to help participants understand not just “The How?” but also “The Why?” of the art of scents. They are designed to help participants understand the nuances and psychology of scents.

We use a “learn by having fun” approach to teaching our courses such that complete beginners with little or no knowledge background can learn with ease.

Our courses are popular with small business owners and hobbyists.

Find exciting course and workshops to help you discover the art and sensibilities of scents.